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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

amrit vachan

वाणी को गंदा मत होने दो ,इस में भगवान का नाम बसता है ,तो वाणी को पवित्र रखो !

Muskilon mein bhag jana asaan hota hai, Har pehlu zindagi ka imtihaan hota hai.., Darne walon ko kuch milta nahi zindagi mein., Aur ladne walon k kadmon mein jahan hota hai

Udas matt ho mai tere saath hu'n!
 Samne nahi par aas paas hu'n!
 Palko'n ko band karke dil se yaad karna,
 main aur koi nahi, Tera viswaas hu'n.!!

"GITA is a life-giving substance with which the dormant soul comes to life again. Together with this it being the song of war, it is also the music of life." - 

Sudhanshuji Maharaj

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